VAG Hybrid/E-tron BMS

$ 350

For repair, the unit must be provided to us.


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Control units

8R0915591 Audi E-tron A6, Q5 uPD76F0192. We remove the error P1609.

5C6915182B VW Jetta Hybrid uPD76F0192. We restore the operability of the block that does not communicate, remove the error P1609.

5Q0915182x Audi A3 E-tron uPD76F0230(A1). We remove the error P1609.

4M0915223R Audi Q5, Q7. We remove the error P1609.

4N0915105B Audi A7. We remove the error P1609.

The processors are read-protected.

Repaire problems:

1) While there is an error in the block: “P1609 00 Crash Shut-Down Activated”, permission to start the engine is prohibited.

2) The unit at address 8C doesn’t communicate, it is impossible to establish a connection.


We have a complete set of tools for working with these units.

We remove the errors and the start of the engine is allowed, the battery being charging.



VW Jetta 1.4 Hybrid USA:

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