SRS Mazda R7F701330A

$ 120

For repair, the unit must be provided to us.


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Clear SRS by BOSCH based on the R7F701330A Secured

B1193 Crash Event Storage Full and Locked [00]

SRS list:

VA40-57K30 0285015694 CX-50


Mazda R7F701330A Secured ICU-M  $300

KEAD-57K30-A 0285020311 CX-5

KEAD-57K30-C 0285020311 CX-5

KGVT-57K30-B 0285020848 CX-5

KR9P-57K30-B 0285015009  CX-60

KMV6-57K30-B 0285020958 CX-90