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Please read this before any operation with the Data-Flash AREA.

Data-Flash area has 3-state cells
1st state: 0 – Written as 0
2nd state: 1 – Written as 1
3rd state: z- Erased (non written)

Let’s pay attention to the state of Z, as the most frequently asked question.
When we read a file of Data-Flash and do a comparison with the current file,
then we will always have errors comparing some bytes or blocks (16 bytes), this is normal.

3rd state bytes marked as 0xEB.
EB mean Erased Byte.

It is strictly forbidden to Erase or Write the Data-Flash area in the RH850/Dx-X series (R7F7014xx) used in instrument panels.

Since 2020 new RH850 mcu marked without (R7F7) and signed like 010643 and equal to R7F7010643.

List of supported microcontrollers: /files/RH850V3/rh850.txt

Schematics RH850:  /files/RH850V3/RH850.rar