SRS Zeekr RH850 Secured

$ 250

For repair, the unit must be provided to us.


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Crash data repaire SRS ZEEKR by BOSCH based on the Secured R7F701330A:
U3000-00,C108F-68, B1193-43

No further programming is required!

SRS list:
P8891944733 C  0285015053

ECU Delivery Assembly Part Number: P8891944733 C
Application Diagnostic Part Number: 8889081281 I
ECU Core Assembly Part Number: 8892577737 B
SW1 P8893394936 A
SW2 P8893145039 A
SW3 P8893145040 A
SW4 P8891911042 B
Chassis Number: L6T79T2E5PP123456