VAG IC reset service

$ 100

For repair, the unit must be provided to us.


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VAG IC reset service
VDO/Continental mqb platform only.

Any IC based on the mcu D70F35xx

Erase DTC B2000 41 [009] – General Checksum Failure


3CN920850A_D70F3532_sw0310 VDO
3G0920741C_D70F3526_sw0310 VDO
3G0920751A_D70F3532_sw6421 VDO
3G0920751B_D70F3532_sw8311 VDO
3V0920741_D70F3526_sw6422 VDO
517920741_D70F3526_sw4270 VDO
5E0920871D_D70F3537_sw2210 VDO
5E0920970D_D70F3537_sw0555 VDO
5GE920855_D70F3537_sw4311 VDO
5GE920855B_D70F3532_sw8315 VDO
5NA920850B_D70F3532_sw0310 VDO
5TA920741_D70F3526_sw6421 VDO
6RF920861_D70F3524_sw0218 VDO
6RF920861_D70F3524_sw0225 VDO
6RF920861B_D70F3524_sw0215 VDO
6RF920861Q_D70F3524_sw0152 VDO
6RU920861_D70F3524_sw0225 VDO
8V0920860N_D70F3526_sw6420 VDO
8V0920960H_D70F3526_sw4292 VDO
8V0920971Q_D70F3532_sw6423 VDO