VAG Virtual Cockpit adaptation

$ 200

For repair, the unit must be provided to us.


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Replacing the arrow panel with the Virtual Cockpit

We transfer all data from the native panel to the donor panel.


Erase DTC: B2000 41 [009] – General Checksum Failure

3G0920791A_D70F3525_sw1340 VDO Cockpit
3G0920791B_D70F3525_sw2170 VDO Cockpit
3G0920791C_D70F3526_sw3193 VDO Cockpit
3G0920791D_D70F3525_sw4191 VDO Cockpit
3G0920798A_D70F3525_sw0440 VDO Cockpit
3G0920798A_D70F3525_sw0450 VDO Cockpit
5G1920790_D70F3525_sw2180 VDO Cockpit
5G1920791A_D70F3526_sw3195 VDO Cockpit
5G1920794_D70F3526_sw2160 VDO Cockpit
5NA920791A_D70F3525_sw2153 VDO Cockpit
5NA920791B_D70F3525_sw3196 VDO Cockpit