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For repair, the unit must be provided to us.


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SRS Airbag control inits VW10.44 are created by BOSCH based on uPD70F3508GJ + 95128.







Applicable on Audi A4, A5, A6, A7, Q5, Q7 4M vehicles with Pre-Safe system

Repair problems with a target control unit:

Non-Erasable Errors: B2000 00 [137] Internal Control Module Memory Check Sum Error.
This block is diagnosed via the Flex-Ray bus, therefore it is impossible to connect the diagnostic interface directly to it.
In the D70F3508GJ processor, the manufacturer stores CS (component security), it is responsible for belonging to a particular car, the processor is read-protected, so many specialists have difficulties when working with this unit.

We can read this D70F3508GJ processor from Bosch VW10.44 blocks, obtaining complete information, and not partially like the rest.

The ability to “clone” sunken control units without dismantling the processor.

Ability to encode, provided the encoding is known.

Please note that correctly read the original content of the block before any manipulation gives a 100% result of repair or cloning.

By manipulation, we mean updating the version of the software if there is an internal error, it will make a “bricked”.

A used SRS unit price about $500, it cannot be re-encoded on your car and is a useless action.

A new block must be ordered and waited from 30 days, then the car must be provided to the official dealer for online programming.

The result can be viewed at the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBnsI8z_ONg